Save Your Life by Philip Raby is now available on Amazon as an ebook and paperwork. And it’s free for Amazon Prime members! Please click here to order.

Save Your Life encourages you to make the most of something you only ever get one chance at – life – and explains why you shouldn’t defer living your dreams until you retire.

The book explains why, historically, we work from nine to five and then retire at 65. It goes on to show why this is an outmoded system in today’s high-tech world and leads to pain, ill-health and disappointment for many people.

Making good use of case studies, Save Your Life shows how you can begin making small changes to your lifestyle to ensure that you make better use of your time and, therefore, can make room to do the things that you were otherwise putting off until retirement.

However, it then goes further, and explains how you can break free from convention and merge work and leisure into one perfect life, where you live each day as if you are retired.

Chapters include:

History of working when we do, and why a work/life balance is nonsense

How to embrace technology to make your life easier and more efficient

Ways to stop procrastinating

Why you shouldn’t commute

Making good use of diaries and to-do lists (including something much more powerful than a to-do list)

Ways to reduce your spending and, therefore, your need to work so hard

Increasingly, people are becoming disillusioned with the traditional nine-to-five working model and are eager to reclaim their lives as their own, knowing that life is short. Save Your Life is aimed at readers of all ages who are eager to make changes to ensure that they have the freedom to live their lives by their own terms.

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