“Voom! What was that? That was your life, mate. That was quick, do I get another? Sorry mate, that’s your lot.”
Basil Fawlty

“I hate my job,” admits Dave, “but if I stick at it for the next thirty years I’ll get a really good pension.”

What a depressing thought. Spending the majority of your adult life doing something you don’t enjoy just so you can have some money for your final years when, let’s face it, you may not be active enough to do all you want to. Indeed, you may not even be alive at all. “My father worked hard all his life and built up a fabulous pension pot, then he died of a heart attack at 64, just before he retired,” says Elizabeth.

Most people have at least a 40-year working life; that equates to 1920 weeks. 9600 working days or – wait for it – 76,800 hours on the money-making treadmill. That’s an awful long time to spend doing something you don’t enjoy, especially when you’re only likely to be awake for 233,600 hours in those 40 years.

Life is short and you only get one stab at it, so surely it makes sense to enjoy every day, not just the ones from age 65 onwards. After all, one of those days will be your last and, thankfully perhaps, most of us don’t know when that one will be. There’s something inherently wrong about a system whereby we defer living the life we want until we’ve reached the final years of our existence.

There is a better way and Save Your Life shows you how.