As we reach the end of the first month of 2017, much is being said about “Dry January”, a period in which some people have given up drinking alcohol, in a bid to make up for the excesses of Christmas and New Year, and to kickstart their health regime for 2017.

Now, the next thing is Sugar-free February, which doesn’t need an explanation. No doubt we’ll see a Meat-free March, too…

Sure, it’s a good idea to restrict your consumption of alcohol, sugar, red meat and other tasty things, but is it really beneficial to cut them out totally for a month? I’m not convinced it is.

A month is only four weeks, so what is the point of dropping something totally from your diet for such a short period and then reverting back to your old habits? And, besides, why deprive yourself of something you enjoy?

Far better to live an entire life of moderation. If you like a glass of wine then indulge yourself now and again, but not every day. A glass or two at the weekend isn’t going to do you any harm and it may even benefit you. The same goes for sugar – an occasional bar of chocolate as a well-deserved treat will do wonders for your mood. Just don’t get into the habit of scoffing it on a daily basis. If you like a burger and chips then, again, treat yourself occasionally, but ensure that you eat a healthy diet most of the time.

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