Getting back to work after the Christmas break can be overwhelming as you have things to catch up on and plans to make for the coming year. Many people put together a to-do list, either on paper, their computer or smartphone. And, while a to-do list is useful, it can make you feel even more overwhelmed, as there’s just too much to get through and the list never seems to get any shorter.

The solution is, at the start of each day – or, even better, at the end of the previous day – to make a must-do list. This, as the name suggests is a list of tasks that you must do that day, which you pick from your longer to-do list. Be realistic and just put on enough items that you know you will be able to complete, and allow time for unexpected extra jobs that will inevitably appear.

The great thing about a must-do list is that you are more motivated to get through the tasks, and it feels great as you tick them off – and even better when you’ve completed everything.

If you get through the list too fast then, great, pick one or two other things from your to-do list to do or, if you are able to, treat yourself to an early finish.

Some people break down their must-do list even more, into a morning and afternoon list, or even any hourly one. Personally, I find a daily must-do list is perfect.

Give it a try, and see how your efficiency improves.

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