When it comes to saving your life, technology is your friend. I wanted to reduce the amount of cards I was carrying in my wallet, so I turned to Apple Wallet on my iPhone – one of the most misunderstood apps.

I’ve long used Wallet to store my debit card to use with Apple Pay, and very useful that is too. However, Wallet can do a lot more in that you can keep all your store cards in it, thus saving you having to carry around physical cards.

Adding a debit card to Wallet is simple – you just scan it in using the iPhone’s camera. Sadly, that doesn’t work for store cards. Instead, you have to instal that particular store’s app and, from within that, add the card to Wallet.

For instance, for Tesco Clubcard, you must download the Tesco Clubcard app (not the shopping app), sign in with your email address and password, and click the ‘Add to Apple Wallet’ button. It’s the same for John Lewis and other cards. Bizarrely, once you have added the store cards you can, if you wish, delete the store’s app and the card will remain in Wallet. This is worth remembering if you’re struggling for space on your phone.

If you have a store card that doesn’t have an app, there is a workaround (which also works will cards that do, such as Tesco). And that is to use an app called Stocard. Stocard, in many ways, works better than Wallet, in that it does allow you to scan in your store cards. After doing so, you can use Stocard itself for accessing your cards, rather than Wallet, or you can feed the cards into Wallet. The advantage of going down the latter route, is that Wallet can be accessed from your home screen (see below).

Wallet can also be used to store one-off passes, such as cinema tickets and airline boarding passes. Just ensure that your phone has plenty of battery life if you’re going to use it for the latter, though!

Once you have set up Wallet with your cards and passes, you can access it quickly by pressing the iPhone’s home button.

It’s worth persevering with Wallet. Not only is it very convenient, it also makes your physical wallet or purse lighter and slimmer.

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