According to Christian teachings (not to mention a popular song), there are twelve days of Christmas – 25th December to 5th January. However, increasingly, we are starting to think about festivities from November onwards.

Now, Christmas is a very special time and something to look forward to. However, there’s a danger of it becoming a time waster. As the holiday approaches, people tend to put things off “until the New Year.”

“I’ll go on a diet…”, “I’ll start at the gym…”, I’ll begin writing my book…”, “I’ll start a new business”… “…in the New Year.”

The trouble is, this means that between now and the New Year becomes a time of limbo when you don’t do anything productive. So instead of waiting, why not start whatever it is right now, so that you are ahead of yourself and hit the ground running come 1st January?

There’s a fair chance you’ll be having a break from work, so you’ll have time on your hands to go something positive, rather than watching endless films on television.

So, how many days of Christmas you’re having, don’t spend them in limbo.


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