Being a lifesaver means saving time and being healthy. Which means doing some exercise, but spending not too much time doing it. So surely a workout that takes just seven minutes has to be the answer?

The seven-minute workout has become quite a craze in the last couple of years, with the argument being that a short intensive bout of exercise is more effective than a longer but less extreme workout. And to help you do this, there is a wealth of apps available for smartphones and smartwatches.

I’ve been using Seven  on the iPhone and Apple Watch, but there are others that all do much the same thing. They take you through a number of 30-second routines with a short interval in between. The idea is to push yourself as hard as you can through each task, so you really are making an effort.

What a seven-minute work out definitely won’t do is burn fat – I manage to get through about 60 calories which is negligible. It will, though, help to tone muscle.

A look online shows a lot of criticism of the seven-minute workout, with people saying that such a short routine can’t make a difference. However, while that may be true of relatively fit people – and they seem to be the ones reviewing the workout – if you tend to do very little exercise at the moment, seven minutes a day of pushing yourself has to be a good thing. Seven minutes is just half a percent of your day – who doesn’t have time for that?

The trick to the seven-minute workout is not to rely just on that but use it as part of your regular fitness routine. Do it every day but include other activities, such as running, cycling or going to the gym when you have more time to spare.


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