I listened to an interview today with a woman who follows a ‘raw paleo’ diet. In other words, she eats only what cavemen ate – raw meat in other words. Although, she also includes eggs and diary, which they wouldn’t have had, and isn’t averse to knocking up a raw chicken curry which, again, I suspect our prehistoric ancestors weren’t too familiar with.

And if that wasn’t bad enough, she also drove 40 miles every week to stock up on water straight from a mountain spring.

Putting aside any potential health risks from eating uncooked meat and the environmental impact of driving to get something that comes freely out of a tap, all this sounds like a lot of time-wasting hassle.

There are lots of fad diets around at the moment, and to follow one means spending valuable time sourcing the appropriate foods and making sure you don’t accidentally consume the wrong ones. It’s also stressful – having to check the labels on any food you buy and not being able to eat out at restaurants without asking the waiter if the steak comes from cows which have been fed only organic grass while being played Mozart. Not to mention how bored your friends and family will be by your harping on about your everything-free diet.

So, unless you have a specific medical reason not to eat a particular food group, then do yourself (and everyone around you) a favour, and just ensure you have a healthy and balanced diet – anything in moderation is a good mantra. You’ll then won’t waste time and won’t get stressed.

Finally, just for fun, here’s a video for you…

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