Are you lucky or unlucky?

I’ve noticed that thereĀ are two types of people on Facebook.

Those who are always posting about great things they have or have done. Days out with their kids, tasty meals, great holidays, their cute puppy.

And those who are always grumbling about how hard done by they are. They’re ill, they hate their job, they’ve no money, the family is annoying them.

The lucky people and the unlucky people.

It’s the same in real life. When you greet someone with the universal “How are you?”, the response will invariably go one of two way:

“I’m great, thanks.” “Fantastic, how about you?” “Wonderful to see you.”


“Oh, don’t ask.” “Could be better.” “Flipping awful.” And then they continue with a list of their woes and ailments.

The lucky and the unlucky people.

So how come some people have all the luck while others are dealt a bad deal in life? Because it’s what they tell people. We all have issues in our lives and we all have good stuff as well. It’s just that some people choose to share the positive things while others tell us about the bad stuff.

And do you know what? You’ll get more of what you talk about. If you’re saying your life is great then, on the whole, it will be. And if you’re always complaining it’s rubbish then, you guessed it, it will be.

Our life events aren’t good or bad, but rather how we respond to them is good or bad. If you choose to remain upbeat then the bad stuff won’t seem quite so bad. And if we moan and grumble when things don’t go so well then we won’t appreciate, or even notice, the great things.

So, for the next seven days, make a real effort only to say positive things to friends, colleagues and family. Even if the world seems to be turning against you, don’t mention it to anyone but instead say you’re great, fantastic and wonderful.

And after you’ve done it for seven days I guarantee you’ll want to do it for the next seven, and the seven after that. Not only will you feel better yourself, others will treat you better and you’ll begin to notice that, actually, you’re one of the lucky ones

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